TriLin Investment Management


TriLyn specializes in providing advisory services in all sectors of the commercial real estate markets.

We concentrate our analysis on a detailed understanding of assets and credit quality in the context of local real estate markets. The firm’s expertise extends from equity investments to origination of senior loans, mezzanine debt, and preferred equity, as well as recapitalizing, restructuring and repositioning complex transactions. Across these strategies, TriLyn’s process seeks to identify market inefficiencies and, where possible, takes advantage of mispriced risk, which can lead to attractive relative value opportunities for clients.

Investment strategies and portfolio construction are customized to meet individual client objectives. TriLyn’s entrepreneurial culture promotes an approach that allows its investment team to analyze opportunities expeditiously and to work with clients to define their objectives across the risk spectrum. Achieving consistent returns, in the context of prudent and transparent risk management, is the underlying objective in all these activities.

TriLyn also executes asset management and disposition strategies when required. The objective is to mitigate the impact of adverse market factors and enhance portfolio returns over time. The firm works with clients in the areas of sponsor evaluation, limited partner advocacy, partnership resolution, and general partner replacement.